The Global Learning Community
Campus Certificate at UIC

The UIC Chancellor and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are proud to offer the Global Learning Community Campus Certificate to first-year students at UIC.

The GLC Option:

The Global Learning Community (GLC) program gives first-year students the chance to fulfill many of their general education requirements by taking courses about different regions of the world and issues that face everyone. In the one-hour global seminar, LAS 111, you will meet in small discussion groups, featuring guest speakers and the university’s most up-to-date technology.

Think Globally:  Understanding more about different global perspectives can be beneficial for students interested in going into health care, law, business, education, journalism . . . any field of work or study in the twenty-first century.  Opportunities exist to combine coursework with study abroad or internationally-oriented internships.  Upon completion of the program, the Global Learning certificate will appear on your transcript.